Blue Ambition:  Leo Nobre

Blue Ambition: Leo Nobre

Leo Nobre, hailing from A Cidade Maravilhosa (a.k.a. Rio de Janeiro), is somewhat of an ideal subject for an interview regarding the intersection of music, art and the city of Los Angeles.  A globetrotting bassist and composer with a native speakers command of the English language and encyclopedic knowledge of music history, he exudes the wisdom, depth and ennui of an experienced career musician.

You can always count on Leo to “keep it real” and he surely does in this interview where he talks his project Nobresil, being a whore in the music business and being chided for making funny faces while he plays the bass!


“Canto da Terra”

Written by Leo Nobre

Performed by Nobresil

Used by Permission

Courtesy of Nobresil


Intro music by David Corral


Filmed at Westdale Studios, Los Angeles, California


Special thanks to Mari Nobre


Very special thanks to Leo.  Valeu!!


To learn more about Leo Nobre and Nobresil click here.

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