Blue Ambition:  Mari Nobre

Blue Ambition: Mari Nobre

What to say about singer/songwriter Mari Nobre?  Well, how about a checklist:

1:) Sings in 5 languages:  Check.

2:) Gives her all at every single performance: Check.

3:) Is valedictorian in her class:  Check.

4:) Balances motherhood, work, school and writing amazing songs with alarming ease, grace and panache:  Check.

5:) Is an Italian Superwoman:  CHECK!

Mari’s intelligence and charm come to brilliant life in her interview where she details her background, her work with her band Nobresil and her thoughts about Los Angeles and being an artist.


Very special thanks to Mari and Leo for their participation and support. Vocês são gente boa!

To learn more about Mari Nobre and Nobresil click here.

“Gosto de Você”

Written by Mari Nobre and Patrick Lockwood

Performed by Nobresil

Used by Permission

Courtesy of Nobresil


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