Blue Ambition:  Myndset

Blue Ambition: Myndset

Electronic Dance Music has elevated itself from it’s oontz-oontz beginnings in nightclubs and raves to the top of the charts.  There’s no argument that in today’s industry, E.D.M. is dancing on the throne.

When it comes to famous DJs, Los Angeles has long played second or third fiddle to the likes of New York, London and Ibiza.  With the advent of E.D.M. artists like Highland Park native Skrillex, however, L.A. it staking its claim as one of E.D.M.’s hotbeds.

DJ/Producer Myndset is one of the new breed of emerging Angeleno E.D.M. superstars.  Behind the neo-futuristic mask lies a ferocious performer who produces primarily to book bigger and better gigs.  Enjoy the below interview where, unmasked, Myndset reveals his origin story, his take on L.A. and what it means to be an artist.




“Children of The Universe”

Mixtape by Myndset

Used by permission

Courtesy of Myndset


Intro music by David Corral


Filmed at 575 Studios, Santa Monica California


Special thanks to Brittanee “Nighthawk” Dollins

Special thanks to Craig Harrison, President, 575 Productions and the Undisputed Sandwich King of Los Angeles

Very special thanks to Myndset.  To learn more about Myndset, click here to visit his website.

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