Blue Ambition: Rollence Patugan

Blue Ambition: Rollence Patugan

Photography is a field inhabited by artists of diverse interests and objectives; ask a group of ten shooters a question and you’re likely to receive fourteen different answers.

Rollence Patugan is a shooter who strives to bring the drama of the stage and screen to his photo projects.  His well directed, well crafted imagery delivers a stylish, visceral impact while also doing what all good art does:  It asks questions.

Rollence and I have been fellow travelers since our Santa Monica College photo school days; I am extremely proud of him and his accomplishments since our years there.

Enjoy this interview with the man himself!


“The City”
Performed by Abe Sada
Licensed by Creative Commons
Courtesy of
Attribution Link:

Intro music by David Corral

Filmed at 575 Studios, Santa Monica, California

Special thanks to The Sandwich King of Los Angeles

Very special thanks to PRIMO!

To learn more about Rollence, here to visit his website.

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