Blue Ambition: Rollence Patugan

Blue Ambition: Rollence Patugan

Photography is a field inhabited by artists of diverse interests and objectives; ask a group of ten shooters a question and you’re likely to receive fourteen different answers. Rollence Patugan is a shooter who strives to bring the drama of the stage and screen to his photo projects.  His well directed, well crafted imagery delivers ... Read More »

Blue Ambition: Maxi Wild

Blue Ambition: Maxi Wild

Ready for a Wild ride? In her compelling interview below, the English born and bred musician entertains, informs and sprays vitriol with a firehose over the state of the music industry, London’s “wankers”, and the L.A. wannabes who move here to get famous but get lazy instead.  This is one badass who does not suffer ... Read More »

Blue Ambition:  Myndset

Blue Ambition: Myndset

Electronic Dance Music has elevated itself from it’s oontz-oontz beginnings in nightclubs and raves to the top of the charts.  There’s no argument that in today’s industry, E.D.M. is dancing on the throne. When it comes to famous DJs, Los Angeles has long played second or third fiddle to the likes of New York, London ... Read More »

Blue Ambition:  Kristina Korsholm

Blue Ambition: Kristina Korsholm

Born in Hamlet’s hometown of Elsinore, Kristina Korsholm is a Scandinavian beauty whose emerging acting career is flourishing here in Los Angeles. This interview is a showcase of her intelligence, wit and humility, not to mention her nuclear caliber charm. She is truly a pleasure to be around and her good energy resonates throughout her ... Read More »

Blue Ambition:  Alex Vacca

Blue Ambition: Alex Vacca

Since back in our Santa Monica College Photo Department days together, emerging fashion photographer Alex Vacca has cultivated an aesthetic in his imagery that is concurrently elegant, stylish, timeless and modern.  Being quite the fashion plate himself, Alex was drawn to that world early on and is making steady inroads.  As Los Angeles builds its ... Read More »

Blue Ambition:  Bobby Moynahan

Blue Ambition: Bobby Moynahan

With a simmering intensity the vocals emerge from deep in the mix:  Emotive, urgent, poetic. Bobby Moynahan is the singer, guitarist and creative force behind Ballerina Black.  His interview, like his music, draws you into his world and holds you. Be sure to enjoy his twinkling Irish eyes and dazzling smile! Music: “Not Far Away” ... Read More »

Blue Ambition:  Flavia Watson

Blue Ambition: Flavia Watson

Smart, charming, talented and beaming with positivity, singer/songwriter Flavia Watson has her band Flavia and The Red steaming ahead on the fast track. In this interview she covers the evolution of her band’s lineup, the creative process, life in the ciudad and lots more. Enjoy!     Music “Out In The Cold” Written by Flavia ... Read More »

Blue Ambition:  JWesley Bassard

Blue Ambition: JWesley Bassard

Enter JWesley Bassard, an enigmatic and innovative percussionist delivering a new twist to the SoCal music scene:  Conga driven smooth jazz. JWesley holds court in his interview, diving into the deep end of topics such as moving to Los Angeles, inspiration, what it means to be an artist, and the origins of California Conga.  Not ... Read More »

Adieux, Mssr. Hughes

Adieux, Mssr. Hughes

A presence looms large over Southern California, a Texas transplant who wrought technological change that is still rippling throughout the planet.  Howard Hughes came to Los Angeles to make movies and succeeded spectacularly, changing the aviation and defense industries forever along the way. He was many things to many people:  Eccentric; brilliant; innovative; ambitious; batshit ... Read More »