Guitar Life with David Malachowski

Guitar Life with David Malachowski

While in NYC this April, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with a truly accomplished musician.

His name is David Malachowski and he has probably forgotten more about playing the guitar than most of us will ever know.  David has been playing professionally since 1974:  He has seen eras come and go; monumental changes in music industry and music culture; toured cities worldwide (and rocked them all!); played in many genres and styles; but has never lost that connection with his instrument of choice, and, in fact, has only seen that connection deepen over time.

David was gracious enough to sit for some portraits and and the below interview where he shares some of his thoughts on his amazing journey.

To see more about David, click here.

Special thanks to my photo “Guru”, Selina Maitreya, for introducing me to David.

Very special thanks again to David for sharing his time and his wonderful apartment.


“Joyeux Drille” by Cobra

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