Introduction to Blue Ambition

Introduction to Blue Ambition

Today, I would like to formally introduce a long running project of mine, Blue Ambition.

Blue Ambition is a multimedia documentary consisting of portrait photography and filmed interviews.  The goal of this project is to give a voice to emerging artists in Los Angeles.  More than anything it is a love letter to all of us artists out there hustling to survive and to the city we hustle in, The City of Angels.

What is happening today in the city of Los Angeles is absolutely astounding.  Los Angeles has become the creative capital of the world.  It has far exceeded its fame as a place for cinema; it is the global home of visual arts in general.  It is the Mecca for music.  Writing flourishes here, as does theatre, design, photography, comedy, dance, fashion, fine art.  And what a diverse population of artists it is;  this project alone features artists from a multitude of nations.  Artists from every corner of the world converge on Los Angeles with a similar goal in mind:  To make it.

It is a city of dreamers.  But to live the dream means living the grind.  In a media saturated world which celebrates the instant success story, this narrative details the reality of trying to make it as an artist in Los Angeles.  Which is:  It is much more like working in a mine than in some glamorous resort.  Every day you go back to the mine and dig some more.  Maybe some days you find a nugget but most days you don’t.  And you find yourself cursing the mine and saying I’m out, this is crazy.  But the next day you are back in the mine, grinding it out.  It is a carnival ride of excitement and disappointment.

The following is a “trailer” for the project, introducing some of the style and players.  Although the majority of artists featured are musicians, there are artists of all kinds involved with the project, representing the rich talent present in the city.  Each artist will be featured in their own chapter, with a new chapter every three weeks or so.  The city of Los Angeles is an ever present character who weaves in and out of each artist’s story, a muse for some, a demon for others.

Thank you to all of the wonderful artists associated with this project.


“Brown Cow” by Michael Stasis

Attribution link:  Brown Cow by Michael Stasis is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike v3.0 License.


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