Music Video for Ballerina Black’s “Brixton Rain”

Music Video for Ballerina Black’s “Brixton Rain”

Ballerina Black is a Hollywood based band which grasps for, as lead singer/guitarist Bobby Moynahan puts it, that “shimmering in the darkness”.  I’ve been dying to work with them on a video for a while and things finally came together for us this spring with the planned release of their new, stand alone single “Brixton Rain”.

Things had to happen fast as we needed this video to be ready to support their upcoming tour of the U.K.  But we pressed hard and the stars aligned and we have something we are all very proud of.

I hope you enjoy it!

“Brixton Rain”
Written by Ballerina Black
Performed by Ballerina Black

Starring Talie Massoli

Makeup by Breanna Mendoza

Wardrobe by Talie Massoli

Filmed at Concrete Studios LA, Downtown Los Angeles

Aerial Photography by Axiom Images

Camera Operators: Alex Vacca, PK
Edited by PK
Cinematography by PK
Directed by PK

Special thanks to the following: Aaron Fitzgerald, LR, Dior, Diane, Breanna, Alex

Very special thanks to Talie and all the members of Ballerina Black

To learn more about Ballerina Black, click here to visit their website.

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