These posts aren’t always about portraiture, but they’re always about photography.

In this case, it’s ostensibly about using photography therapeutically, perhaps, or maybe just utilizing it as an excuse to exorcise some vestigial bias against a certain part of town.

On a recent trip back to NYC, I decided to finally revisit the Ground Zero situation.  For a lot of reasons, although having been back in NYC tons of times since, I hadn’t been in front of the World Trade Center site since January 2004.  At that time, it was still just a gaping hole in the ground where enormous buildings used to be, a gap in the skyline, a raw and pulsating scar on lower Manhattan and the psyche of the people who live and work there.

Seeing it in its current form was so refreshing.  There were new buildings, vendors, tourists, kids on field trips excitedly spilling out of school buses who weren’t even born when the shit went down (taking selfies, naturally).  There was even a farmer’s market (!) with authentic artisanal blah blah blah.  On Ground Zero.  So NYC, and life, goes on, with the difficult past paved over and an Eataly built on top.  And that’s as New York as it gets.

Enjoy these shots of the new buildings at the former World Trade Center site.