The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Eighteen was a peripatetic endeavor.

It included a few first trips, including my first trip to London.

I stayed in the uber-trendy Spitalfields neighborhood, a stone’s throw from “The Square Mile”,  which is the financial and historic center and London’s beating heart.

London has enjoyed a tremendous bull run since the mid to late nineties and there is booming construction everywhere, along with the attendant conversations regarding gentrification and culture that seem to be ubiquitous these days.  I visited at a particularly apprehensive moment, as the melodrama of Brexit swirls the air and the collective breath of a nation is held deep.  Whatever comes to pass, London has seen substantial adversity in its history and will persevere.  As will the celebrated London traditions of piping hot afternoon tea, richly spiced chicken tiki masala, and a seemingly never ending pint of something yummy nestled in your hand.

Enjoy these images that I grabbed during my stay.  For this trip I used my Fuji GW690II with either Portra or Tri-X medium format film.

Regarding all that folderol about English food being horrible:  Nonsense!  London is one of the world’s great eating cities.